Criminal Minds: The Best Episode According To Fans Is Also A Real Life Case


The popular crime drama series premiered on CBS in 2005 and followed members of an elite squad of FBI profilers who use psychology to analyze the minds of some of the most twisted criminals. Created by Jeff Davis, Criminal Minds introduced audiences to many actors, including Matthew Gray Gubler, and even inspired two spinoff series. After 15 seasons, the long-running criminal procedure aired its final episode in 2020.

Like many shows in recent years, Criminal Minds was said to be making a comeback for fans after its end. In 2021 it was announced that a revival series for Criminal Minds was in the works on Paramount +. Although the revival was still in negotiations and not many details about the series were revealed, many indicate that it really is out of the question and will not go its way.

When it comes to episodes of Criminal Minds, there are more disturbing cases than in almost any other weekly procedural crime show on the network. While most of its contemporary shows seem much more light-hearted, it’s a show in which the team takes on suspects who are as dark as carbon and often leaves viewers in shock.

What’s even scarier about the Criminal Minds suspects is that many are based on real-life serial killers. They are often reasonably straightforward copies of real killers, as well as episodes that use real-life cases for reference. It’s no wonder that perhaps the best episode of all also has that thrill of what actually happened.

The sixteenth episode of season 1 was “The Tribe”. The BAU headed to New Mexico to investigate a group of college students who were found dead and tortured and found a cult that was working to turn people against Native Americans in the area.

This cult was led by Jackson Cally, who wanted to start a race war. This was one of the best episodes of Criminal Minds and was based on the Charles Manson family, and specifically on the Helter Skelter scheme, where the cult tried to start a race war in the late 1960s. Many believe that without a doubt the series portrayed the moment in an excellent way based on the facts that are known and was chosen multiple times as one of the ideal episodes to rewatch.