Crewmembers in Among Us !: How to Win, Survive


We tell you a series of tricks to dominate the games of Among Us as a crew member and survive, in addition to discovering who the impostor is.

Among Us! it is more complex than meets the eye. Mastering both the role of the impostor and that of the crew member will be something that will take us more than one game. For this reason, below we present a series of strategies and tips so that you can win when it is your turn to be the “innocent” and survive on the ship. In addition, we remember that you can get it for free on both PC and iOS and Android mobile devices.

How to win as crew members

To win the game as crew members, we have two options: discover the impostor and vote to kick him off the ship or survive long enough to be able to complete the list of tasks that we find in the upper left part of the screen. Practice makes perfect, so the more we play the better we will know the maps and ways to win. Even so, here are several separate tips for each of the ways to win:

How to discover the impostor in Among Us!

  • Observe the rest of the players carefully: if they make a suspicious movement such as taking a long time to perform tasks, approaching us only when we are alone or moving very fast on the map (something that indicates that they are using trap doors) we will know that we are facing the impostor .
  • Be clear and concise in voting: in the phase of voting for the imposter, if someone has seen something suspicious they should say so clearly and quickly to prevent the impostor from coming out with his last minute tricks and turning the tables.
  • Report the corpse quickly: when we see a dead crew member we must react in an agile way in order to start an emergency meeting and thus be able to expose the possible imposter (if he was in the same room or near the body, for example).
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