Creepy Video Showing Approach To The Black Hole


The first official black hole photo released last month did not meet most people’s expectations. We have seen that black hole almost myopia, which is 53 million light years away from us. If the blur of that photo has upset your spirits, the scientific animation you’ll be seeing soon will satisfy you.

The photograph of the black hole in the center of the Messier 87 galaxy, 53 million light years away from us, has made a huge impact in the world of science. This black hole, called Powehi, is at a distance that our current technological capabilities cannot see clearly due to its distance. In other words, humanity is still too short for deep space.

The black hole with 6.5 billion Sun masses in the photograph is known as a super mass black hole.. Supermassive black holes are estimated to be located in the center of almost every galaxy. In other words, they keep millions of stars and planets around them together with their own gravitational forces.

The following animation tells more about what a black hole looks like than a photo:

Astronomers of the future will get better images than the first and extremely blurred photograph. The scientific data they have obtained until that time will be interpreted by digital artists as above?

It’s natural to have a strange experience in the video you’re watching. There are several scientific reasons for this. There is a, lensing effect around the black holes due to the density of gravity. This effect makes it possible for us to see what is behind this global black hole, which we call a black hole. So from whatever angle you look, you can see a disc around the black hole. Isn’t it quite confusing?



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