Creepy Message to Sneak Peek in Season 10


On his Instagram page on Wednesday, November 18, the producer revealed that artist Spencer Novich will star in the upcoming season by posting his audition tape.

In the tape, Novich hideously contorts his body as he approaches the camera, before cheerfully saying, “I’m going to kill you.” Oh!

“Congratulations to Spencer Novich, who joins the cast of this season’s American Horror Story,” Murphy wrote alongside the video, which you can watch below.

“This is the audition that got the job for him. Guess the title already?”

While we’re not the wiser on the mystery topic, Murphy has been offering up a few clues as of late, including a poster suggesting some kind of killer mermaid theme.

The producer has also hinted that the season will have something to do with the sea, with an earlier track showing a beach with a downed fence, not to mention previous trailers depicting the ocean.

Murphy has also admitted that the original thematic plan for the season may have changed due to the pandemic in addition to having a slight delay in the filming schedule.

Meanwhile, the producer has confirmed that season 10 will not feature a major crossover after a fan asked on Instagram.

American Horror Story airs on FX in the US You can watch Season 9 on FOX and NOW TV. You can catch up on series seasons 1-8 on Netflix. You can also find seasons 1-9 available and buy them on Amazon Prime Video.

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