Credicard Zero starts offering service customization system


After seeing here that the Credicard Beta managed to reach the mark of more than 7 thousand customers and gained a forecast for launch by the end of the year, the company confirmed yet another novelty related to its plastics, being now linked to Credicard Zero, a non-annual card that has been offered for some time.

According to the company, from now on, its customers will be able to benefit from a series of features and benefits that can be activated or deactivated at any time by the app directly, thus making their management more practical without the need to depend on telephonic service.

The first and most relevant cited by the company was the possibility for the user to be able to join the cashback system by paying a monthly fee of R $ 18, which will guarantee participants a refund of at least 1% of the amount spent.

Also according to the company, this reimbursement amount may be higher if the user purchases from one of the partner companies, which includes stores known as Boticário, Netshoes, Zattini, Petz, among others, and the company itself suggests joining only for customers who spend more than R $ 2 thousand per invoice (considering the minimum return).

According to Priscilla Ciolli, Superintendent of Credicard, the cashback system is offered with the spent, won concept, without any link with indexers or deflators, something that is common in point systems, such as dollar-based availability.

“The concept is spent, won. We want to have incentive programs that work transparently and with immediate benefits for the customer. In addition, our customer can also use cashback to save money and only redeem when they want”

According to the company, interested parties can activate (or deactivate) the novelty by accessing the Credicard app and then access the “Credicard Cashback” option within the “services” tab.


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