Credentials of YouTube Channels Launched on the Dark Web


It turns out that hackers are selling credentials for YouTube channels on dark web forums. The desired amounts for the sold channels vary according to the number of subscribers of the channel.

We have already mentioned to you many times that the credentials of members of various applications and websites have been stolen and offered for sale in various environments. The last example of this was YouTube, the world’s largest video surveillance platform. The credentials of YouTube accounts started to be sold in cyber crime forums and the number of information sold is increasing day by day.

Hackers started advertising accounts on various hacking forums. People who want to buy accounts can make purchases after looking at the YouTube channel and the number of subscribers.

Not the first attack on YouTube channels

In fact, this is not the first time hackers have attacked YouTube channels. Previously, hackers who stole the information of YouTube channels requested various payments from the channel owners to return the account.

Threat intelligence company InSights researchers found that the number of companies that performed data validation as a side business has also exploded after the demand for YouTube credentials has increased on various internet forums.

Hackers obtain this data from infected computers, ‘phishing’ work or credential records stored with Google. Also, some users who complained to their YouTube support accounts stated that they wanted someone to download malicious software. Another method is to contact to collaborate for a project.

Etay Maor, head of security at InSights, said hackers gained great confidence in this regard, thanks to highly sophisticated phishing and reverse server tools that could overcome Google’s two-factor authentication system. Also, the 2-factor verification does not include credentials, so we can conclude that this is not used in hacked YouTube accounts.

According to the news in Digital Information World, the value of the list is proportional to the number of subscribers on the channel. There are offers like $ 1000 for a channel with roughly 200 thousand subscribers. In addition, in the auction opened for a list of 990 thousand YouTube channels, the offers start at $ 1,500 and can directly purchase information for $ 2,500.