Creator of Stardew Valley is Focusing On New Game; Know More


Eric Barone, the creator of Stardew Valley who is best known by the nickname ConcernedApe, revealed in an interview that he’s focused on his next game – which means we won’t see any more updates anytime soon for the farm simulator that has become a phenomenon.

The information came during a Stardew Valley Cup live on UnsupassableZ’s Twitch, which featured Barone. The creator answered several questions from fans who were participating in the chat, mainly about NPC character options that the player can marry in Stardew Valley.

The game makes a distinction between NPCs you may and may not have a relationship with, which makes many players resort to mods to marry those who shouldn’t be an option. Fans of the game then asked Barone if he intended to make more “marriageable” NPCs in future updates.

ConcernedApe explained that it involves a lot more work than it seems to add marriage options to the game, which takes a lot of time. He commented that there are even two NPCs he’d like to turn into options, but he was emphatic that that doesn’t mean he’s working on it. That’s when the dev talked a little more about his new game.

“I’m not saying another Stardew Valley update will happen. I don’t even know at this point. Right now I’m focused on my next game… So we’ll see.”

Barone didn’t offer details about his new game, but said it will also be in pixel art with a Stardew Valley-like perspective. He also commented that the new game is even similar in some ways, but it’s not a farm game, it’s different from that.


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