Creator Of Nier Has Ideas For Monster Hunter Rise Storyline


Monster Hunter Rise has been with us for some time now, offering everyone the opportunity to check out what was planned for this adventure. One of those who took the opportunity to check out the game’s package was Yoko Taro, creator of Nier who even shared some changes he would have made to the plot.

The propositions made by him were brought by a youtuber known as Gaijinhunter, and you can check out what he would have added to the following storyline:

As I played MHRise, this was the story I thought about:

After the tutorial there is a turmoil and the bombed man dies to save everyone. In fact, he dies because of a player error.
Both the dango girl and the friend from the square die. One who does not succumb to darkness and burns Kamura village. The choir on the trail of the friend of the square no longer plays.
The last boss arrives and nothing you do can hurt him, but it is possible to sacrifice one of the twins and make a weapon from it that can hit the enemy. You choose which one will die. After this action, there is no longer any corner on the village’s soundtrack.
As some main characters die, they are replaced by generic NPCs, and they come to the conclusion that the player is a danger to the village. They begin to restrict items and equipment, making the game more difficult.
During a very complicated quest, the target monster can speak. He tells the “real truth” behind the monsters and the Kamura village, and we learn the reason why our hunter has a voice in this game.
After completing all the quests in the village, she is left behind and you can only play online multiplayer. Players, who have lost everything, can only kill the monsters present in this world. (the game title is displayed)
So, what did you think of these ideas for the game’s plot? Do you agree with what was proposed by the creator of Nier? Leave your opinion in the space below for comments.


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