Creator of God of War Criticizes Difficult Games Like Kena And Metroid Dread


God of War: David Jaffe, the creator of God of War and Twisted Metal, revealed that he is not a fan of higher difficulty games. For him, the trend can harm the experience and alienate players.

Jaffe made the revelation on Twitter, where he claimed to hate super hard games. The creator, responsible for successful PlayStation franchises, speculates that perhaps the rise in the emergence of titles with higher difficulty is a reflection of the generation that grew up playing games on the NES, which could be gaining more space in the world of video game development.

In his complaint, the producer cited titles such as Metroid Dread and Kena: Bridge of Spirits, which received good reception from both the public and critics, pointing out that these games would be leading “the march” for super difficult games.

“Kena, Metroid, Returnal; all leading the march towards super challenging games. Maybe it’s the NES generation developing as designers but I totally HATE that shit. And it has nothing to do with age; I NEVER liked [games]. too hard.] But it wasn’t that excessive before. Seems like the devs WANT to drive players away.”

Recently, David Jaffe also got into controversy by revealing compromising information about Sony and the PlayStation. At the time, the creator was commenting, quite unsatisfied, about a possible new game in the Twisted Metal series without his involvement.


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