Creative Talks About the Death of Favorite Characters


It’s hard to believe that we are just days away from the Vikings story releasing its final episodes, this time on Amazon Prime Video ahead of its cable broadcast. Recall that season 6, part 1 aired almost a year ago, and the final episode will arrive in February of this year, which feels like it was a long time ago.

Similarly back then creator Michael Hirst and co, envisioned the final season as a two-part 20-episode season, and that’s what we’ll get, though some time later so the creator now promises the death of some of our Favorite characters.

Before the release of the final episodes of Vikings on December 30, Michael Hirst spoke about the final season of the show. Of course, he was asked about the emotional impact of the ending and what deaths to expect in the final episodes, unfortunately, although unsurprisingly, it appears that we will lose more than one important character as the show concludes.

It was, of course, deeply emotional for fans as it meant killing some of our favorite characters. Likewise, if you’ve been keeping an eye on the Vikings throughout their cable run and their historic shift to Amazon Prime Video for its final season, you should know that deaths are a reality for the characters and it’s no wonder more than those deaths are a true fact.

In the meantime, there is still a lot to be resolved and usually in Vikings, which means death is imminent. For example, we know that Hvitserk and Ivar are somewhat frustrated for each other and Hvitserk thinks they are tied, for better or for worse.

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On the other hand, Ivar has also been secretly operating behind Oleg’s back, so that won’t end well for one of them. At some point, the friction between Ubbe and Othere Kjetill over what happened to Floki will also have to come to a head.

Things probably won’t end well for both Queen Gunnhild and Bjorn’s new wife Ingrid. Death is always imminent on this show, and it should be doubly so as it nears its end.

After all, Vikings shouldn’t fear death. Michael Hirst went on to tell the outlet that the series’ conclusion was really important and he wanted to make sure that the way the show came out did justice to each of the main characters.


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