Creating a video game about godhood, religions


On the verge of disappearance, Abbey Games has reinvented its current project until launching it in a final version through Steam for PC.

Abbey Games, a small Dutch studio with less than ten years of life, decided after the launch of its first title, Reus, to make a video game that talked about religions. Culture is an intrinsic element in electronic entertainment, but we do not always see a clear political position, especially if it is about beliefs or values ​​that are not governed by scientific facts. The team, after Renowned Explorers in 2015, began working on what is now Godhood, a reinvented proposal that is based, broadly, on creating our own religion.

Financial difficulties and the road to Godhood

Despite the fact that Godhood was successfully funded in 2019 through a funding campaign on Kickstarter (1,555 backers to contribute an amount over 54,000 euros), the studio was on the brink of closure due to various economic vicissitudes and a launch disastrous original that washed away jobs. Keeping the study afloat with only 3 employees of the original 15 would imply reducing its expectations, with more honest ambitions and long-term objectives, in short, more moderate.

That same ambition is what led them to try to go ahead and convert, based on community feedback with the early Access version, a much better title than it was initially. Its full launch is now a reality on Steam. MeriStation has had the opportunity to speak with Abbey Games about it.

“The internal crisis forced us to realign and restructure. That made us much more efficient and the game took an obvious leap ”

“When we launched Godhood in Early Access, it had a little identity crisis,” say Manuel Kerssemakers and Adriaan Jansen of Abbey Games. “The development was quite a challenge; We encountered several obstacles along the way, including the need to reduce our study. With a small team and a lot of faith, we managed to turn Godhood into what we wanted: a specialized but totally original religion management game.


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