Created the world’s largest Switch with a 4K LED display


Michael Pick, owner of the YouTube channel that brings DIY tutorials involving electronics, decided to create a giant Nintendo Switch. The reason? He jokes that the original is too small and easy to lose. With that, Pick created a model of the laptop that has all its functional buttons and is six times bigger than Nintendo’s video game.

In the video, he demonstrates that he used wood to build the body of the device and used 3D prints to make details such as buttons and even internal supports. Pick shows that there is a Nintendo Switch controller on each side and that they have been attached to the buttons to give the response as originally programmed. For this task, an Arduino board was used, an accessible component that serves various purposes involving programming. In addition, of course, inside there is also an original Nintendo Switch with separate space to connect to the screen and controls.

The content producer demonstrates how it is possible to play Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on an improvised 4K LED screen and very well arranged to be able to work with the installed buttons. But, to play, the ideal is to use a Nintendo Switch controller, taking advantage of the fact that it also has this compatibility.

Interested in having a version like this need to separate a good space in the room, they are 76 centimeters vertically and 178 horizontally. But, although interesting at least as a decoration item, this unit has already had a destination. Now the giant Nintendo Switch is being used by children at Saint Jude Children’s Hospital, which specializes in cancer treatment.


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