Created For PS5, Spider-Man Miles Morales


A designer integrated the design of the PlayStation 5 with Spider-Man Miles Morales. The concept design created is of the kind that will leave Spider-Man fans open. Whether we are likely to meet a PlayStation 5 with this design one day is unknown.

Gamers around the world are looking forward to the upcoming PlayStation 5 game console from Japanese technology giant Sony. While the console is now just waiting for the launch day, PlayStation 5 fans are looking forward to that day. Others take their PlayStation 5 admiration a few steps further. Designer Giuseppe Spinelli is one of them.

One of the most curious games of PlayStation 5 is undoubtedly Spider-Man Miles Morales. As Sony showed, the game, which looked fascinating with both graphics and game dynamics, did not escape Spinelli’s attention. The designer created the imaginary Spider-Man Miles Morales version of the PlayStation 5 with a design he created. The concept design is the kind of thing that will leave Spider-Man fans open.

Here is the concept design of PlayStation 5 with Spider-Man Miles Morales theme

The Spider-Man Miles Morales themed concept design created for PlayStation 5 brings the unique details of Spider-Man to the console. In addition, if we leave everything else aside, the concept design makes the PlayStation 5 black. Even this in itself will increase the admiration for PlayStation 5. In addition, Spinelli’s design reveals what a DualSense in black and red could look like.

In the middle of the concept PlayStation 5 design, there is a huge spider identified with Spider-Man. Around this spider figure, we see the web that completely surrounds the console. This network structure, also included in DualSense, adds a unique atmosphere to the console. However, whether such a design will become a reality one day is not among the details known at the moment. Sony may one day come up with such a real PlayStation 5 design.

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