How to create an Xbox Live account on your phone


Tip shows you how to create an Xbox Live account using an Android phone or iPhone.

The Xbox Live , online gaming service platform of consoles Microsoft , allows users to create new accounts using the phone. The procedure is performed, initially, when defining a new email . Later, the live account can be set up using the free Xbox App tool, available for Android smartphones and the iPhone ( iOS ). The possibility is ideal for people who need to register a new video game or who want to browse the service to find friends and view online resources.

To perform the procedure, Somag News shows you how to create an account through and then set up a new account on Xbox Live using the Xbox App application. In the tutorial, we used an iPhone XR updated with iOS 13 , but the steps are the same for Android users .

Creating an account

  • Step 1. Access the following link ( and enter a name that will be added to the extension “@outlook”, which will give access to Microsoft e-mail and services. To advance, press the “Next” button;
  • Step 2. Enter a password that will be used to access the service and tap on the “Next” button. Then, define your first and last name and use the “Next” button again;
  • Step 3. Define your country and date of birth. On the next page, enter the character code and press the “Next” button.

Create an Xbox Live account

  • Step 1. Open the Xbox app and tap on the “Sign In” button. Then enter the email created earlier and click “Next”. Remember that an account can also be created using this app;
  • Step 2. Enter your password and tap on the “Login” button. You will then be asked to set up your Xbox Live account. To start, click on the pencil icon to change your avatar image;
  • Step 3. Tap on one of the images to be configured as an avatar. Then tap on the Gamertag area and customize it with a name of your choice. To continue, touch the arrow icon next to the name, as shown in the image below;
  • Step 4. After setting everything, tap on the “Let’s play” option to finish creating the account. That done, just log the same account on Xbox to start your games.


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