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Do you use WhatsApp Web very often? A good option is to have it as a shortcut. Here we tell you how.

WhatsApp Web, like the original WhatsApp version, has become an indispensable application due to its simplicity and functionality, which is why we use it at all times.

With the appearance of the WhatsApp Web version, the way to use it became even easier since we do not have to be changing devices to check the messages received, with the time savings that this entails.

Since just by accessing the web version we open the browser, we type in the address bar and to log in, we open our mobile phone, click on the icon with the three dots in the upper right part of the screen and press WhatsApp Web, to scan the QR code.

It’s that simple and we are already using the WhatsApp Web version, but now we have the option of accessing the App in a faster and easier way in its web version without having to repeat the previous procedure over and over again.

To do this, Somagnews will teach you how. We have to create a shortcut on our desktop, in which by simply double-clicking our mouse we will automatically start the session.

Create a shortcut to WhatsApp Web

To start the trick, you should know that a shortcut is a quick and direct way to access or open an application and with this simple trick we create an access that will allow us to open our messaging application.

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Open a new window in your computer’s browser
Type into the search bar.
Scan the QR code with your mobile to log in.
Click on the three dots icon in the upper right corner of the app.
Display the browser configuration options.
Go to “more tools”
Press “create shortcut”

When selecting this option, a pop-up window appears asking us if we want to create it. If we want this to run in a window independent of the rest, activate the option “Open as window”

If you go to the desktop you will see that an icon with the WhatsApp logo has appeared, and yes, you are right, it is our direct access, which allows us to open the session directly and access our chats automatically.


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