Create public WhatsApp groups: Complete guide


We explain in detail what public WhatsApp groups are, their operation, usefulness, main risks and how to create them

Although most users already master private WhatsApp groups, there is an option to create public groups, which are very useful to meet new people.

For some time, WhatsApp introduced this public modality to the classic groups to bring an alternative to the functions of channels and supergroups of Telegram, where it is not necessary to manually add other people, but the connection is made through a link.

WhatsApp public groups are still a little-known topic for some users, that is why in La Verdad we leave you a complete guide to know what they consist of, possible uses, dangers and everything necessary to create and exploit them to the fullest.

What are WhatsApp public groups

Essentially they are group chats available to the general public, that is, any user can join the group at any time, even if the administrator does not have it in their contact list, so it does not require permissions or authorization to be added.

How is it possible? Through an invitation link or link that redirects to the public group and although it can be used for many things, it has become popular to meet new people around, share a specific topic and even get WhatsApp stickers and other topics of public interest .

Create a public WhatsApp group

It is very easy to create your own public WhatsApp group or you can even convert an existing group private, you just have to do the following:

Enter the WhatsApp group or create a new one as you usually do.
If it is a new group, you must first add the participants.
In the section on Group information, enter “Group invitation link.
Now you can send the link to invite everyone.

As simple as that! Practically anyone with the link or QR code will be able to join the WhatsApp group that you have created, but if instead you wish to return to a private one, simply enter the messaging application:

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Go back to Group Information.
Choose the Reset link option.

Automatically, the previous link will have expired and no one else will be able to join with the previous link.

Add participants to the public group

As we have mentioned before, the purpose of this kind of WhatsApp groups is to become public and have the greatest number of users outside the circle of acquaintances, that is why the best option will be to publish the link or QR code in a visible place .

By sharing the invitation link or QR code in an online forum, website and even in physical public places, you can expand the WhatsApp community.

Join public WhatsApp groups

The process to enter an existing WhatsApp public group is even easier, since you only have to click on the invitation link, or if necessary, open the WhatsApp camera to scan the QR code, as it would be added to another Contact.

WhatsApp will automatically redirect you to the public group for free and then, you will be able to see in your chat list that you are part of the conversation.

Limitations and dangers

Although the public WhatsApp groups seem to be much more flexible, the reality is that the limits regarding the number of participants is the same as the private ones, with a maximum of 256 participants and it is unknown so far if the messaging company will increase this amount in the future.

In addition, it is important to consider that public groups bring with them other disadvantages such as security and privacy, since you cannot control who joins the chat and therefore, if someone comes up with a bad joke you could be suspended for WhatsApp.

That is why it is recommended to publish the invitations in places where people are trustworthy, but above all, be careful with the administrator permissions to expel those who violate the WhatsApp rules.


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