Create your own Avatar on Facebook by following these steps


Surely you have already seen several of your friends sharing their new Avatar at the start of Facebook, do not stay behind and create your own animated version to react and comment in a more personalized way through this social network.

For some people, interacting through the internet may be perceived as something very personal, so these Avatars will allow you to create a character similar to yourself that will represent you during your activity on Facebook.

If you are ready to create your animated version, keep reading, look in the mirror and start modifying your image from your phone.


1. The first thing you should do is open the Facebook application on your phone and select the menu, that is, the icon made up of three horizontal lines that is in the lower corner of your screen.

2. Once you are there you will see sections such as Memories, Saved and Events, you will have to scroll down until you reach the ‘See more’ option, selecting it will display a new menu.

3. Within the available alternatives you must select where it says ‘Avatars’, which you can identify with a purple silhouette that has a smiling face.

4. When choosing it, Facebook will briefly describe what this idea is about creating Avatars. Select the ‘next’ and ‘start’ option.

5. Modify your character to look as close as possible to how you really are. Once it’s ready, you can show it to everyone through your posts, comments and Messenger chat.

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