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Crazy! Demi Rose has nothing left: This is going to explode!


Demi Rose no longer knows what to do with her life to shout to the whole world that the curvy par excellence is her and nobody else.

The model has resorted to photographs and poses to tell her followers what she has not said in words, to look at her, to delight and to verify that there are not two like her.

Bikini sunsets of the very young, dressed in vertigo necklines and leggins that threaten to break from one moment to another given the size of their rear, so Demi spends them.

And to avoid doubts and hesitation, the curvy has decided to publish a photograph of two different moments in her life in which she can be seen from the front and from the back. To make it look like the one in front, it is the same size as the one in the back. And indeed, the thing is like that.

Impossible a gram of nature in a red dress that marks the rear as none, and even more impossible a bit more forward on the balcony of another white for which, if Demi does not remedy it, they will end up leaving.

Garments that burst, dresses that explode and eyes of his followers who rejoice in everything they see, this is the life of Demi.



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