Crazy Commentary for XRP: “Saves Our Lives in 3 Years”


A cryptocurrency analyst named Credible Crypto made a wild comment for XRP and said the price could rise to the $ 20-30 range. The analyst thinks this comment will turn out to be correct in the next 2-3 years.

Credible Crypto, one of the most popular analysts in the industry with almost 70 thousand followers, also joined the names that made ambitious predictions about XRP. Referring to the fundamental differences between other cryptocurrencies and XRP on his Twitter account, the analyst gave a message of hope to the XRP community.

$ 20-30 version for XRP

The analyst addressed people who did not make realistic comments about XRP with the tweet he shared. The analyst XRP, who gave the message to these people “put your feet on the ground”

  • “Not supported by gold”,
  • “There is no predetermined desire”,
  • “It cannot go above 10 thousand dollars as Bitcoin does” and
  • He said “XRP will not replace the dollar”.

Speaking of that, the analyst added that XRP doesn’t need to do all this or have these features anyway. The famous trader said that someone who is currently investing in XRP can “change his life” in the next 3 years. Credible Crypto stated that XRP could go up to $ 20-30 with a bull run in 2-3 years to someone who asked him about the price prediction of XRP.

There are still those waiting for 10 thousand dollars

While Credible Crypto’s statements about XRP are generally supported, some social media users do not support his view of the XRP price. A cryptocurrency follower said that the XRP price is “unlikely” to be $ 10,000, but still “nothing impossible.”

Credible Crypto answered this question by saying how big the market value of XRP must be for the XRP price to be $ 10,000. Instant data show that there are 45,162,407,484 XRPs in circulation. Based on the instantaneous number in circulation; For the XRP price to be $ 10K right now, the XRP market value must be $ 451 trillion. Drawing attention to this, the analyst opposed this social media user and emphasized that it is not possible for XRP to be 10 thousand dollars.


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