Crazy BMX World returns on November 5 Nintendo Switch


This Japanese racing title comes to western territory with all the contents of the 3DS version in full. Driving a bicycle and traveling the world with it will be a different experience in Crazy BMX World, a popular racing game in the Japanese market.

In fact, this version includes all the content originally published on Nintendo 3DS, as reported by Shinyuden in a press release. With more than 2,700,000 players in Japanese territory, the developer now intends to conquer western players on Nintendo Switch. The video game will be available on November 5 exclusively for this platform.

Shinyuden points out that the game will include a not inconsiderable 295 levels. We can visit large cities around the world in World Tour, but if we prefer to travel beyond our planet, the stars and other worlds of the Milky Way await us thanks to the Galaxy Tour mode. It will also be possible to visit other historical periods, in which we discover dinosaurs, pirates and samurai, among other surprises.

Bicycle collection

In total, riders will have the opportunity to ride 40 different bikes. Of course, they must unlock them while playing. According to the press release, they all have something in common: “they are totally absurd.” Thus, we can perform the pirouettes with a pizza or a cup of coffee on the head.

Crazy BMX World is a game of increasing difficulty, so it is possible that you will die during the journey. Fortunately, there are resurrection capsules that will offer the possibility of trying again from an earlier point in the level. And who knows, maybe far from danger.

Another of the modes that will be incorporated in this version is the Grand Prix, a mode designed to compete against other friends to achieve the best score. Users will be able to challenge other players in the country with the linked account of the Nintendo Network ID. “Use your favorite bikes from your collection to get a high score and show everyone who’s boss!” They say.


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