Crazy Bitcoin Prediction from Famous Executive: Date Also Given


The price of Bitcoin and selected altcoins is currently at the top of the discussion by analysts and investors around the world. Let’s take a look at the latest statements and price predictions of BitAngels co-founder Michael Terpin…

Michael Terpin: Bitcoin will reach half a million in the next decade

Meeting with journalist Murtuza Merchant, BitAngels co-founder Michael Terpin made the following assertive statements during the interview:

There will be several changes in the industry. Bitcoin was around $5 in 2011 and is now $55,000. In the next 10 years it will be half a million. In 20 years, the majority of the world will use cryptocurrencies.

Terpin also discussed the reasons why countries differ in banning cryptocurrencies. To remember, as we quoted as somanews, countries such as Indonesia and India, especially China, take a stance against cryptocurrencies. Commenting on this issue, Terpin said, “Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum are the safest way to enter the market. You can hold or sell it whenever you want. Cryptocurrencies are still where the internet was in 1997,” he said, adding that regulations have not yet settled. As for the authorities, Terpin said:

Governments don’t like to be ignored. Ultimately, they will do what is in their best interest, such as taxation or adoption. Excessive regulation does not benefit the future sector either. For example, the automobile industry grew slowly in its early years, by a large scale. Due to regulations such as the requirement of a man to wave a red flag to warn people of an approaching car.