Crash 4 achieves clarity layer in 4K / 60fps and DualSense


In October 2020, Voxel published the analysis of Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time under the hymn that the experience is the hotness we all dreamed of for the return of the marsupial, born as a PlayStation brand mascot and eventually disseminated among all platforms.

After a slam dunk by N. Sane Trilogy, who remastered the classic trilogy for today, and Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled, in which the characters gag in Nintendo-style karting, the breath was brief for the much-loved franchise sequence. – with all the responsibility that this carries.

After showing up on PS4 and Xbox One, Crash 4 now embraces the PS5, Xbox Series X | S, Switch and PC (after the consoles), making it a multifaceted product and full of upgrades. Let’s see what this version brings to the freshness of those who have already played and newcomers on duty.

Classic upgrade combo: 4K and 60fps

The tonic of the new generation upgrades has been the same: when a title receives the update package, the applicable effects usually occur in the resolution and in the frame rate per second, adjusting the 4K value up there, close to the native level (2160p), and stabilizing the frame-rate at 60 frames.

Crash 4 is no different. The look is no match on the PS5 and Xbox Series X, with dynamic resolution that always looks for the 2160p and performance optimized to run at 60fps for the longest possible time. Additional shadows here, refined light over there and readjusted textures with anisotropic filter; it is difficult to point out many disparities between the two consoles.

In terms of performance, there is no point in drying out the rival platform to yours: both devices maintain stability at 60 frames per second, with occasional drops in cinematics or in sections full of elements. Again: it is rare to happen. Therefore, the 4K + 60fps combo works as expected, given the usual fluctuations in resolution and performance.

The version provided by Activision for the purpose of this content was that of PS5, so it is on this duality of the blue and green sides of the force that I am based. The material related to the Switch is in charge of Ruan Segretti and will be addressed on another occasion.

DualSense: extra pinch

Today, the publisher boasts three cutting-edge studios taking care of adaptations or retrofits: Vicarious Visions (by Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2 and N. Sane Trilogy), Beenox (from Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled) and Toys for Bob, responsible for retracting the Spyro trilogy and now Crash 4.

In addition to the audiovisual concern, the team added an extra touch to the PS5 experience thanks to DualSense implementations. Adaptive triggers vibrate at the tips of the nails when Tawna uses her hook or in the sections where Crash breaks through obstacles in a turbine jet-ski.

Neo Cortex, in turn, fries enemies with the rays of his blaster, felt in the vibration of the control at the moment of impact, in subtle tones.

DualSense activates this differentiated responsiveness on specific occasions during the journey and seeks to position itself as a surprise factor, to get the player out of the routine with quick tactile pinches of vibration.

The same goes for 3D audio: with a headset (on PS5), Crash 4 is more spatial (and special) than on TV speakers. The scope delivery shows its charm in the stages when you must escape from a giant creature or object running towards the screen.

Free save transfer and upgrade, yes!

Unlike what it did with its latest games that were upgraded to the new generation, like Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2 and Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, Activision gave the chance for Crash 4 to give players an update free on PS5 and Xbox Series X | S, coming from PS4 or Xbox One, respectively.

From lambuja, there is a transfer of progress. Yes, I know that the practice of cross-save should be a consensus between studios and publishers, but unfortunately it is not. The measure applies in isolated, infrequent cases.

The news, therefore, is always an encouragement to those who want to continue the journey with the improvements built into the new consoles – or for those looking for the sweaty platinum / 1,000g of this masochistic experience.

Worth the purchase?

If you haven’t had the opportunity to play Crash 4 yet, I will paraphrase some of the words from the original review here on Voxel: I already had good expectations for everything that had been released and for trusting the work of Toys for Bob, but I also had a flea behind the ear for imagining that they could “reheat” some things from the remastered trilogy. However, no: everything is new, redone, reconstructed and well applied within the pillars that raised the franchise.

Light and tasty to accompany, especially when showered with the beautiful Portuguese dubbing. As the update is free on PS5 and Xbox Series X | S, just make the natural transition from experience to the capabilities that the new consoles offer and redeem your crusade for platinum or 1,000g.

Anyone who hasn’t played should do themselves this favor to see how the marsupial was resurrected in the right way and what that means when paving the future of the franchise. Crash 4 is a pizza carvery filled with content, with many flavors available and the main one: authenticity.


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