Craig Robinson tells us what he Heard from the bad guys who Instantly sold Him Out


Bad Guys” is another kind of children’s film that tells the story of misunderstood antiheroes in a way we haven’t seen in animated films. Consequently, the story becomes much more accessible to adults, given elements such as intricate robberies and references to films that are definitely not intended for children. For example, the opening scene of “Bad Guys” is an obvious reference to “Mad Dogs”. Even if it’s not exactly the “Mad Dogs” reboot that fans have been waiting for, it was certainly enough for musician, comedian and actor Craig Robinson to voice the Shark.

CinemaBlend recently spoke with Craig Robinson about “Bad Guys,” and when he explained what made him take on the project, “Tarantino” was one of the first words he uttered:

Tarantino for kids! This is what I dug up about it right away. They made an offer for me, Dreamworks. I was in the studio and they showed me which characters and who the talented voice was, and they described a series of books to me, and I said, “Hell yeah.” It’s tough, and it’s, you know, fun and stupid. It’s a cartoon.

Unsurprisingly, Craig Robinson was sold after hearing about a cast that boasts names like Sam Rockwell, Aquafina, Anthony Ramos, Zazi Bitz and Marc Maron. He’s right when he says the movie is violent. Of course, it’s not too harsh, since it’s primarily for kids, but the twists, turns and double crosses really set it apart from anything we’ve seen in Dreamworks.

“Bad Guys” is based on a series of illustrated children’s books of the same name, which tells about a group of animals that are usually considered “bad” who intend to do something good. Despite their best efforts, it usually doesn’t work. This includes a Wolf, a Snake, a Piranha, a Tarantula and a Shark by Craig Robinson, big and attractive (like the man himself) and a master of disguise. The humor, of course, is that it’s almost impossible to properly disguise a shark.

Like the rest of the cast of The Office, Craig Robinson has been very busy since Rainn Wilson hit him on the head. He hosted “The Masked Dancer,” starred in numerous films, including “The Time Machine in the Jacuzzi” and “My Name is Dolemite,” and even hosted his own, now defunct sitcom “Mr. Robinson.” There are a lot of new projects coming up, and he’s not going to slow down any time soon.

“Bad Guys” has surpassed some of the top contenders at the box office, and you’ll be able to see it on home video from June 21! As for everything else that will be in theaters this year, check out our release schedule for 2022.