Craig Conover of Southern Charm and Shep Rose Tease Each Other’s Biggest Regret on the Show: He Was a “Total Train Wreck”


Bro code! Craig Conover and Shep Rose recently talked about each other, including their biggest regret about “Southern Charm,” after the premiere of the show’s 8th season.

Colleagues on Bravo exclusively told Us Weekly during the game “Know Your Brother” that the 8th season tells about each of their “biggest regrets” from the reality show.

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“I think Shep is going to happen this season,” explained 33—year-old Craig, to which the 42-year-old author of “Average Expectations” replied: “Well, yes. I lost my temper and obviously regret it.”

While Shep didn’t elaborate further, he was apparently referring to the drama between him and girlfriend Taylor Ann Green that fans will see later this summer.

The South Carolina native noted that some of his “biggest regrets are related to what I really didn’t like and thought was just amazing.” Shep explained: “Craig and I went pigeon hunting on my family’s farm and it was a lot of fun. And we’ve never seen him, unfortunately.”

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Shep then turned his attention to the founder of Sewing Down South, teasing that his saddest moment would be “this season as well.”

The Palace Hotel co-owner also pointed to Craig’s machinations in the second season as a low point for his pal.

“He’s been a total wreck all this time,” Shep told Us. “I think this season is going to be difficult for Craig and me, and I’m happy that this is the 8th season and we’ve been through difficulties enough times so it doesn’t affect us too much.”

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When the eighth season premiered last month, Craig’s drama with Shep and longtime girlfriend Austen Kroll was in the spotlight. Both Shep and Austin, 35, accused the lawyer of being a lackluster friend who hadn’t seen either of them in months.

Craig, for his part, seemed to have the biggest problem with Austin, who he claimed was not trustworthy after previously exposing the Delaware native’s secrets.

The trio’s drama has yet to be resolved in the series, but Shep exclusively told us in June that the band eventually had to “recalibrate” their friendship and they “had a lot of fun doing it.” He was joking: “It gave Austen and me a chance to team up with Craig, which is one of our favorite things to do.”

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Craig’s relationship with ex-girlfriend Naomi Olindo has also been a hot topic this season after the exes admitted to dating in Las Vegas and again in Charleston, South Carolina, while Craig was casually dating his now-girlfriend Paige DeSorbo.

Even though Austin thought the former flame was still hanging out after Craig and 29-year-old Paige officially legalized their relationship at the end of 2021, Craig told us in June that he doesn’t regret bonding with 29-year-old Naomi after her breakup with Metul Shah.

“I said it was [that] closure where I didn’t understand what I needed,” the Pillow Talk author told us last month. “As difficult as it may be to talk about some things, I’m happy that it happened. It was just the end, when I could say, “You know what? I finally see what I want for my future and life.”

To learn more about Craig and Shep’s “Know Your Brother” revelations, including that the Vanderpump Rules star called Shep a “bad wedding guest,” watch the exclusive Us Weekly video above.

Southern Charm airs Thursdays on Bravo at 21:00 ET.

With a report by Cristina Garibaldi