Crab Game Is The Round 6 Parody You can Play For Free


Round 6: A low-budget indie game is taking a hit on Steam by taking advantage of Netflix’s Round 6 phenomenon. Crab Game, developed by Dani, puts players in different scenarios inspired by the series to compete in multiplayer until only one player remains.

The trailer above may make you think your sound is buggy, but that’s not the case. It was purposely designed as part of the developer’s sense of humor style, so it does a good job of helping you decide whether you like it or not.

Crab Game is clearly a parody of the name the Round 6 series has in some other regions: Squid Game. But it’s not just the name and gameplay that the game is inspired by.

You can see that the looks are also very similar, including the characters wearing gym clothes, in a look that was iconic in the series.

The most interesting part of Crab Game is that it can be played for free. The game supports up to 35 players and offers 28 different maps. It’s hard to understand from the trailer what game mode types are available, but the developer claims there are 9 options.

In addition to being light in your pocket, the game also doesn’t weigh heavily on your PC. Recommended features are a Core i5-4440, or equivalent, and a GTX 650 or equivalent. 200MB of disk space is required.