Cowboys Tell If They Think Dak Prescott Is Injury Prone


For the second time in three years, quarterback Dak Prescott will miss a long time due to injury. Some question whether the Pro Bowl quarterback is “injury prone.”

Dallas Cowboys vice president Stephen Jones floated the idea in an interview with 105.3 The Fan on Monday. Jones made it clear that, in his opinion, Duck is “made for the ages,” and noted that hand injuries are severe for any quarterback. He does not believe that Duck is in any way “prone to injury.”

“I think that Dak is created for the ages. Those arm injuries when quarterbacks are in their pockets are very severe. I don’t think he’s injury prone,” Jones said.

Regardless of whether Dak Prescott is prone to injury or not, Cowboys fans are confused that their star quarterback is missing so much playing time, especially considering that the team has built the entire team around him.

Dak Prescott missed 12 games between 2020 and 2021. A serious foot injury cost him 11 games in 2020, and a calf strain cost him a game against the Vikings last year.

But this arm injury, which he sustained in the match against the Buccaneers, is expected to cost him more than a month. With two games in the division and two games against last year’s Super Bowl entrants, any losses they suffer at the start will be hard to overcome when he fully recovers.

Will Dak Prescott be able to overcome his current injury problems and lead the Cowboys to the playoffs?


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