Cowboy Bebop: Understand All About The Netflix Series Universe


Cowboy Bebop: Launched by Netflix on November 19, the Cowboy Bebop series caught the attention of subscribers precisely because it was a live-action version of a very famous anime. Directly approaching the adventures of the protagonists in search of rewards throughout the universe, the production already figures in the famous Top 10 of the platform.

If you’re curious to know all about Cowboy Bebop, stay tuned for the details we’ll cover in this guide to the series.

Cowboy Bebop: Learn about the franchise’s origins

The manga in question was created in 1998 by Hajime Yatate, who bet all the chips on a futuristic plot mixed with western elements and interplanetary travel. Initially composed of 26 episodes, the anime, which was released in the same year as the manga, is also available on Netflix and has very endearing characters.

Addressing the colonization of several planets precisely in 2021, the story unfolds 50 years after that date. In this context, bounty hunters are presented to the public as protagonists: Spike Spiegel and Jet Black are aboard the Bebop, a spacecraft capable of traveling throughout the solar system.

As the missions are carried out, the duo meet other characters and creatures lost by space that are crucial for the development of the narrative.