Cowboy Bebop: Producer Talks About Ed And Plans For Season 2 Of The Series


Cowboy Bebop: The showrunner of the new Netflix series, Cowboy Bebop, spoke about a very important character in the anime and who “was left out” of the series. Radical Ed is a hacker who joins the Bebop team and plays a very important role in the episodes — as well as serving as the main comic relief.

In the series, her participation comes down to two brief moments. In the first one, she doesn’t appear, but helps Spike on a mission, sending him some clues. In the final scene of the series, she appears with Ein, in a very important participation.

Showrunner Andre Nemec commented on the character’s absence and explained why it was important that she join the team only in Season 2 of Cowboy Bebop.

“Ed is going to make a lot of trouble for our gang, like she usually does, so they might face some scary people in season two,” explained Nemec. “There needed to be some stability between who these people were before we could introduce this other kind of wild and crazy component to the show. Ed is always up to something wild and eccentric, and making trouble for the gang.”

So far, Netflix has not confirmed the 2nd season of Cowboy Bebop. Despite this, according to Nemec, the streaming giant’s plans should include new episodes.

It is worth remembering that the story underwent several changes (in addition to Ed, other important characters were left out, but should appear in the future, such as the villain Vincent Volaju).

The first season of Cowboy Bebop is available on Netflix.