Cowboy Bebop On Netflix: See The Main Differences Between Anime And Series


Cowboy Bebop’s live-action finally debuted on Netflix and with that came several comparisons with the original anime. The classic work is loved by fans and serves as a reference to this day on how to create a deep and action-packed story.

As they are two very different formats – anime and a series – it was expected that some changes would be made, from some lighter to deeper ones, capable of changing the direction of the main plot.

Check each one of them and make your assessment: after all, is it worth watching the Cowboy Bebop series? Check out!

Faye Valentine’s Past

The character is one of the most beloved of the original anime for being a super charismatic professional scammer. In the adaptation of Netflix, Faye received a change regarding her sexuality, which generated a lot of buzz on social media.

While in Cowboy Bebop’s anime she is straight and even has a relationship with a man, in the series the character is openly lesbian and even has an affair with a mechanic.

Also, another change is in the plot of her past. In the original work, she is taken in by a lawyer after being unfrozen, but in the series her familiar figure is a woman who pretends to be her mother and teaches her all the tricks she uses as an adult.

Overall, there is no really impactful change between the two works.

Jet Black’s Relationships

Jet is a bounty hunter and that remains in both works. A key point in his story is when he ends up being arrested after falling into a trap and stays in prison for a few years to serve his sentence.

In the anime, he had a crush that left him after being convicted. But in the Netflix series, that arc takes on more complexity, giving Jet an ex-wife and a young daughter, which turns out to be his main motivation for being a better person.

In the original work, the character did not exist, making the development of Jet relatively different when comparing animation and live-action.