Is Covid Visualizer safe? Site shows coronavirus cases in real time


Covid Visualizer is a website that promises to show the count of cases of Covid-19 in the world. Developed by students at Carnegie Mellon University, in the United States, the monitor allows you to view the count in a 3D animation of the interactive terrestrial globe: just drag with the mouse to navigate between regions and click on countries to find the location numbers. The tool is available on the web at

According to the creators, the data is reliable and taken every two minutes from the Worldometer, whose information is obtained from official bulletins and news around the planet. The platform numbers also serve as a basis for other maps of the new coronavirus, such as the one developed by the American university Johns Hopkins.

In a consultation held last Monday afternoon (30), Covid Visualizer already brought the most up-to-date number of cases, killed and recovered by Covid-19 in Brazil according to the Ministry of Health. The website’s information balloon highlights the number total just below the name of the country, then dividing it by assets (active), dead (deceased) and recovered. The map does not separate cases by states.

In addition to the total number of confirmations, killed and recovered worldwide and by country, it is possible to know the number of new infected and deceased on the day in each place. By default, the number always takes into account midnight GMT 0, equivalent to 9:00 pm Brasília time.

Unlike other online measurement panels, which use 2D maps, Covid Visualizer features an informative terrestrial globe. The developers say the site is meant to make people “see this as something that unites us. It is not a country or another country; it’s a planet – and that’s what our planet looks like today ”.

In tests conducted by TechTudo, the animation did not appear to impact the performance of Google Chrome on the computer. However, the platform went down for at least a full day last Friday (27). The crash may have been caused by a large volume of hits: according to the creators, the site already reaches 60 million users.


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