Covid-19 vaccine will be transported with drone


As a result of the Covid-19 epidemic, which has affected all over the world, the vaccine shipment that started in recent months continues to be transported quickly and safely between the countries of the world. A new one has now been added to the transportation activities carried out by many logistics companies by land, air and sea, and the period of shipment with drone begins.

Drone delivery will be provided by Zipline

While the world is optimistic about new COVID-19 vaccines, according to Dronelife, delivering heat-sensitive supplies to health centers has become a worldwide challenge to ensure they can be distributed fairly and efficiently. Now, it is aimed to avoid this difficulty thanks to the drone delivery period. To be provided by Zipline, it announced that they could deliver COVID-19 vaccines by drone, making the vaccines more accessible to rural areas.

Zipline’s new end-to-end cold chain delivery capability is being developed in conjunction with a leading COVID-19 vaccine manufacturer. Zipline states that Zipline is in a position to distribute all leading COVID-19 vaccines by drone in every country where it operates. According to Zipline’s announcement about the new distribution feature, “it will allow healthcare facilities to bypass the need for extremely low freezers by delivering the exact number of COVID-19 vaccines they need on demand in a safe and compatible manner at the desired temperature profile”

In addition, Keller Rinaudo, CEO of the drone company, said: “Where you live should not determine whether you have received a COVID-19 vaccine. Rural areas around the world are heavily affected by this virus. These communities face enormous challenges. We can help healthcare systems meet infrastructure and supply chain challenges through instant delivery.

COVID-19 vaccines may require dry ice or highly specialized freezers typically seen in larger, well-equipped medical laboratories and research centers. Moving, storing and distributing ultra-low cold chain COVID-19 vaccines in hard-to-reach locations without interruption in the end-to-end supply chain process will require innovative delivery solutions. ”

The transportation of sensitive medical items such as blood supplies or medicines in remote areas stands out as an operation Zipline has long been solving around the world. While the company is canceling this new capability, it has already delivered more than 1,000,000 routine vaccines. The new end-to-end, cold chain delivery system for frozen and ultra-low temperature medical supplies and medicines will take advantage of Zipline’s already established national-scale medical drone delivery service.

Zipline explains how the system will work as follows;

“One of the main objectives is to create a flexible temperature-controlled shipping solution that allows the delivery of exact product quantities needed at a given time. Such distribution is intended to help increase vaccine access in hard-to-reach areas, while reducing waste potential and eliminating the need for on-site cold storage.

In the United States and Africa, Zipline will add ultra-low cooling capacity to distribution centers and perform end-to-end thermal verification from the pick-up point to the patient. The company expects to be ready to offer COVID-19 vaccines to rural and hard-to-reach communities in the markets where it operates in April 2021. This study is based on Zipline’s experience and expertise with Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance. “


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