COVID-19 vaccine that gives immunity for two years!


The corona virus, which originates in Wuhan, China and infects more than 20 million people, continues to affect our lives. As scientists continue to work to develop vaccines from all sides, encouraging news came from Russia. Russia announced that it has developed a corona virus vaccine and has registered the vaccine.

Russia announced: Corona virus vaccine has been registered!

President Vladimir Putin gave the good news of the vaccine, which is critical in the fight against Corona. The Russian Ministry of Health announced that the Covid-19 vaccine developed by the Gamaley Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology was registered and thus Russia succeeded in becoming the first country to register the vaccine.

In his statements, Putin stated that the vaccine effectively created immunity and that one of his daughters got this vaccine and took part in the vaccine experiment at some point. She also stated that her daughter’s temperature rose to 38 degrees after the vaccination, but was slightly higher than 37 degrees the next day. He explained that after the second injection, he again got a little fever and then everything disappeared. Apart from all this, he said that they will start mass production of the vaccine as soon as possible.

According to the latest developments, the Russian Ministry of Health announced that the Covid-19 vaccine gives immunity to the virus for two years.

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