COVID-19 vaccine tests are coming to an end!


Last week, the price of the COVID-19 vaccine was determined and it rose to the first place on the agenda. Today, Prof. Dr. The company in which Uğur Şahin is also a founding partner; For the potential vaccine that BioNTech is developing against the COVID-19 virus, stage 2 clinical trials were allowed in China.

BioNTech started stage 2 trials for COVID-19 vaccine

With Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical known as Fosun Pharma based in China, scientist Prof. Dr. It has been announced that BioNTech, the German biotechnology company of which Uğur Şahin is a founding partner, has given permission for stage 2 clinical trials in China for a potential vaccine developed against COVID-19.

In this joint statement made by the companies, it was stated that the Chinese National Medicines Administration for the use of the vaccine called BNT162b2 against COVID-19 has approved the second stage clinical trials in the country.

Reminding that both companies announced on March 13, they will cooperate in the development, clinical tests and launching of BioNTech’s mRNA-based “BNT162b2” vaccine in China; In China, it is now focused on the stage 2 clinical trials for the vaccine candidate in question.

The statement says the US of vaccine candidates bnt162b2, Germany, Argentina, Brazil, South Africa, Turkey and in other countries was said to be the last step before commercial licensing stage 3 of the trial.

BioNTech COVID-19

BioNTech partner Prof. Dr. Uğur Şahin described the growth as another important step forward towards the COVID-19 vaccine, “Time is very important in this effort and we are very pleased with the support of Chinese regulators and our cooperation with our Chinese partner Fosun Pharma.” used the expression.

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In addition, last week, the American pharmaceutical company Pfizer and BioNTech announced that the potential vaccine BNT162b2 they were developing against Kovid-19 was more than 90 percent effective against the virus. In addition, in order for a vaccine to be widely used, it must be tested on humans in 3 stages.

In the first phase of vaccine trials, the safety of the vaccine and possible side effects are investigated on a small number of volunteers and more healthy subjects. In the second phase, the effectiveness of the vaccine, whose reliability has been confirmed, is tested on more than 100 subjects. Finally, this whole process can take months and even years.


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