Covid-19: vaccination starts January 20


Vaccination against covid-19 in Brazil should begin on the 20th, according to mayors who attended the meeting with Health Minister Eduardo Pazuello, this Thursday (14), to discuss the national immunization program. The ads were posted on social media.

One of the municipal administrators who gave details about the meeting with Pazuello was the mayor of Florianópolis Gean Loureiro (DEM). In one of the several posts on the subject, made through his official Twitter profile, he wrote: “The vaccination is scheduled to start on Wednesday, the 20th, at 10am throughout the national territory”.

Following tweets, Loureiro also revealed that the Ministry of Health will provide a total of 8 million doses of the immunizer against the new coronavirus by the end of January. There will be 6 million from CoronaVac, produced by the Butantan Institute, and 2 million from the Oxford / AstraZeneca vaccine, manufactured in the country by the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz).

The mayor also said that the planning of the federal government provides for immunization starting with health professionals, elderly people living in nursing homes and indigenous people, followed by elderly people over 75 years old.

More confirmations

The city halls of Cuiabá (MT), Campinas (SP) and Maringá (PR) also confirmed the vaccination start date in Brazil for January 20, after the meeting with the Minister of Health, as well as the National Front of Mayors (FNP).

According to the FNP, the number of doses made available by the agency should reach 30 million in February and rise to 80 million in April. The organization also revealed that most municipalities already have sufficient quantities of syringes and needles to immunize the population.

It is important to note that the Ministry of Health has not yet released any official confirmation on the date of the start of vaccination, so far.


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