Covid-19 to Fighting from the Chinese doctors to Turkey Very Important ‘Food’ Alert


In the fight against the new type of coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic, which erupted in Wuhan, China, Prof. Dr. Wang Yu Guang spoke to the Turkish press. Pointing out that balanced nutrition is very important in this process, the Chinese doctor said, “Do not eat fatty foods that are hard to digest with beef and mutton.”

China, which is the first place where a new type of coronavirus epidemic is transmitted to 860 thousand people worldwide, has reduced the number of new cases to zero and managed to control the pandemic thanks to the tight isolation methods it has applied. Chinese doctors who struggle against the epidemic like their other colleagues in the world are now transferring their experiences to different countries in this process.

One of these doctors is Beijing Chinese Medicine Hospital Respiratory Department Head and Head of Lung Diseases Research Center, who played a very important role in fighting the epidemic in Wuhan. Dr. Wang Yu Guang. Speaking to Milliyet Chinese scientist, acquired experiences, they shared their experiences and what they learned with Turkey.

He talked about the difference between SARS and COVID-19, which was effective between 2002-2003 and killed more than 700 people. Dr. Yu Guang said, “When I was in Wuhan, I saw that COVID-19 has a stronger contagion power, a higher rate of spread and a greater variety of contagion routes than SARS. “It is not easy to detect in the first period, it is more difficult to control the epidemic than SARS.”

Stating that China has taken the epidemic under control in two months, Prof. Dr. Yu Guang said the mobilization announced across the country was the most important factor in this. In line with this, the Chinese doctor stated that the principle of early diagnosis, early diagnosis, early quarantine and early treatment was adopted. received. The measures were not limited to Wuhan; strict measures were implemented throughout China, and the goal of controlling the epidemic was reached as soon as possible. Now life is returning to normal in most regions of China. ”

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Turkey’s state recently received from China for severe cases’ Favipirav’s also provide information about drug called Professor Dr. Yu Guang said, “Clinical studies in China have proved that Favipiravir can prevent the spread of the virus in the body and improve symptoms. The combination of Sino-Western medicine is very effective for mild cases, and pure Chinese medicine is effective in treating mild cases. ”

The Chinese doctor, who makes very important suggestions about what the Turkish people should pay attention to in daily life, said, “The most important is effective action. Balanced nutrition, good rest, good sleep and not to panic are important to strengthen the immune system. According to Chinese medicine, the feature of COVID-19 virus is “moist pathogen”, so you should eat less beef, mutton and hard-to-digest fatty foods for nutrition. These dishes lead to moist pathogens. ”


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