Covid-19: This incredible building designed to fight!


While the Covid-19 pandemic is now part of our daily lives, architects are said to have looked at a particular building.

Fucked for fucked up, we could then live in confined spaces, adapted to the Covid-19. To that or any other pandemic that we might experience. To remedy this, a team has developed a building planned for 2030.

It feels like straight out of a science fiction movie … Could we then be living in an anti-Covid-19 building for the next few years?

A team of architects from the 3MIX studio has designed an 80-storey building that is supposed to protect us from pandemics. The coronavirus just needs to behave.

Will we really be able to protect ourselves from any microbe that has come to rot our lives? Well, this team of specialists seems convinced.

It is then a skyscraper that could grow like a mushroom in the great city of Seattle. A way to optimize containment!

Indeed, it may well be that these words are no longer trivial, since they are part of our daily lives. What about Covid-19 by then? The mystery remains unsolved.


Anyway, the building consists of 8 blocks stacked like legos. The whole structure in metal and concrete.

On each floor will therefore be everything necessary to live with a pandemic such as Covid-19. Namely, homes but also… Offices. Eh yes !

After all, business is business, and a pandemic of this magnitude must not hurt the economy! Finally, for those who want to go green, they can already be reassured.

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Balconies will be arranged to accommodate lush vegetation. Enough to enjoy calm confinement, cool, despite the Covid-19!

Wind turbines placed everywhere in the building will also boost it with juice. A helipad will also be present on the roof. Perfect for having your Uber Eats delivered by helicopter!


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