Covid-19: the second stage of Pfizer’s vaccine test


And this is another week with exciting news for all of us who hope for a vaccine against Covid-19: after Russia confirms that it has the first product on the market – and that it will apply it in August to doctors there – the Pfizer confirms great results from the second phase of clinical trials involving his vaccine.

The news comes through the latest edition of Nature, which brings the latest data involving the BNT162b1 vaccine, from Pfizer and BioNTech.

The second clinical phase of testing was carried out with 45 volunteers, aged between 18 and 55 years. They were divided into 4 groups, three of which took actual dosages of the vaccine, and the last one only placebo.

The first two, who took doses of 10 micrograms and 30 micrograms respectively, produced a robust antibody response even at the first dosage, and received a second boost. The third group took 100 micrograms, and the response was little different compared to the 30 microgram group, but with more side effects such as fever and muscle pain, and therefore did not receive a booster dose.

What was observed by the researchers is that all vaccinees produced antibodies against the new coronavirus 1.9 to 4.6 times more than patients who were recovering from the disease.

Remember, the Pfizer vaccine is being tested by volunteer doctors in Brazil, Bahia and São Paulo. At least 1,000 volunteers participate in the so-called phase 3, which involves a much larger number of people.

This phase is the last one before the vaccine is validated. BNT162b1 will now also include patients with chronic diseases, this being their trial by fire.


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