Covid-19: See Tips For Having A Safe Year-End


Covid-19: Last Monday (13), Fiocruz alerted the population about the situation caused by the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus and stated that, despite Brazil recording drops in deaths and hospitalizations, the pandemic is not over yet. For this reason, the Covid-19 Fiocruz Observatory has launched a new booklet for the prevention of the virus at Christmas and New Year’s parties.

Among the recommendations in the booklet, there are guidelines on food preparation and participation in events. The objective of the initiative is to organize the agglomerations that should take place during the end of the year festivities.

Christmas and New Year’s measures

“No measure is able to completely prevent the transmission of Covid-19. To reduce the risks when welcoming friends or family, follow the guidelines for preparing food and the environment”, was published in the booklet.

Last year, Fiocruz also published the booklet to guide Brazilians. The second edition has some tips introduced in the past, but others have been added to further protect the population.

A few weeks ago, the omicron variant of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus was found in South Africa, and since then experts have been working to understand the strain’s potential. So far, wearing a mask is the only real form of protection against all strains — meanwhile, full immunization with vaccines should dramatically reduce severe cases, which can lead to hospitalization, and deaths.

“Therefore, we reinforce that the main care at the end of 2021 is to ensure that everyone is vaccinated with the complete regimen, including the booster dose, if the person already has this indication. For those who do not yet have the complete scheme, we recommend that you go to the health center 14 days before the event so that you can be protected and help protect others as well”, said the coordinator of the Covid-19 Observatory at Fiocruz, Carlos Machado.