Covid-19: reducing the risk of transmission at Christmas


Gathering in a room several people who have not seen each other for a long time is an invitation to break all health protocols. Therefore, in order to prevent this loving moment from adding to the sad list of the 180,000 people who have died of covid-19 so far, some harm reduction measures are suggested by experts.

To help with the logistics of the festivities, Fiocruz launched a Christmas and New Year booklet, with instructions to people on the best way to organize the year-end celebrations – and what to take into account when preparing the events.

Tips for a safer holiday season

According to Fiocruz, the only safe and effective way to spend Christmas 2020 and New Year’s Eve 2021 is: stay at home and celebrate only with the people who live with you.

But, if the decision is made to hold an event together with other people who are not in their daily lives, it is worthwhile to follow some practices to reduce the risk of coronavirus transmission, such as those listed below:

Wear a mask whenever you are not eating or drinking
Have a bag to store the mask when eating or drinking
Have an extra clean mask in case you need to change after a certain period of use, humidity or dirt
Avoid agglomerations and maintain a distance of at least 2 meters between participants
Avoid handshakes or hugs
Give preference to open or well ventilated places and avoid the use of air conditioning
Wash your hands frequently during the event with soap and water or alcohol
Do not share objects such as cutlery or glasses
After touching objects that are being shared with other guests, such as utensils for serving food, jars and bottles, wash your hands with soap and water or alcohol.

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