Covid-19: records each country’s vaccination campaigns


Our World In Data has created a data tracker on coronavirus vaccination campaigns worldwide. According to the organization, statistics on mass immunization actions are generated from official government information.

“A global basis on vaccination rates against covid-19 is essential to monitor progress,” highlights the page. “We will provide weekly updates through interactive whiteboards with data sets.”

The main table in Our World In Data shows the total number of vaccination doses administered around the world. This value is counted as a single dose, regardless of the specific dosage regimen.

With data as of January 5, 2021, the organization reports that 14.56 million vaccines have been distributed worldwide. In the lead, the United States and China have already exceeded 4.5 million doses of immunization.

Israel has the best per capita performance with a total of 1.37 million doses applied. The United Kingdom is in 4th place in the list with more than 940

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