Covid-19 precaution with reaction from Apple!


Apple made a decision to anger unvaccinated office workers. From now on it will be mandatory for all company personnel.


With the rise of COVID-19 cases, the measures taken are increasing day by day. Many brands, including big companies, are making it mandatory to be vaccinated day by day. Recently, one of them was Google. The technology giant has announced that it will lay off its unvaccinated employees. Apple, on the other hand, took a softer but reactionary decision.

Although the company does not make it mandatory to be vaccinated, we can say that it has increased its precautions considerably. According to a source, Apple will require its employees to be tested for COVID-19 every day they have to work in the office rather than at home. This sanction is said to be effective from 1 November.

Apple Store employees are not asked to test every day

In September, Apple asked its employees to voluntarily share their vaccination status. Now even vaccinated staff will have rapid testing once a week. Those who are not vaccinated or refuse to share their vaccination status will have to be tested every day. Although the company does not require the vaccine, it looks like it will encourage its employees in some way.

Although the company’s retail store employees are in direct contact with the customer, they will not be tested for COVID-19 every day. Unvaccinated store staff will only be required to be tested twice a week. Like vaccinated office workers, vaccinated store staff will need to undergo weekly rapid tests.

It is not yet clear whether Apple will authorize a COVID-19 vaccine. But Biden said in late September that millions of federal contractors must be vaccinated by December 8. Therefore, since Apple also sells its products to the USA, it seems that it will have to impose a sanction in the future, if not now.

For now, the company has set October 24 as the deadline for employees to show their vaccination status. Thus, as of November 1, it will be able to apply new sanctions regarding vaccines and tests. Unvaccinated employees will receive at-home rapid tests from Apple offices and stores and do the testing themselves. They will need to report the results through an app.

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