Covid-19: Pfizer Vaccine Shows High Efficacy In Children Aged 5 To 11 Years


Covid-19: The Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine is 90.7% effective against covid-19 in people ages 5 to 11, said the companies that developed the product. Earlier this month, pharmaceutical companies asked the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for authorization to apply the immunizing agent in this age group.

According to the manufacturers, the vaccine was well tolerated and induced strong immune responses in more than 2,200 children who participated in the study. Each received two injections at one-third the dosage used in adolescents and adults within three weeks.

It is worth remembering that the effectiveness of an immunizing agent is always an estimate made in a given research context; the value may vary upwards or downwards when the vaccine is applied to groups with different characteristics.

The levels of neutralizing antibodies induced in the younger children were comparable to those seen in people ages 16 to 25, who served as a control group in the study, the companies said.

Health officials have identified that there is an increased risk of myocarditis with the use of Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, especially in men under 30 years of age. Experts say that most of these cases are recovered even without the use of medication, and the risk of complications and death caused by covid-19 is much greater than the risk of damage caused by one of the vaccines.

The researchers found no cases of inflammatory heart conditions, including myocarditis, in children. The companies, however, said the study is too small to detect this potential risk.

Possibility of quick release

Next Tuesday (26), the Advisory Committee on Vaccines and Related Biologicals that advises the FDA should meet to review evidence of the vaccine’s safety and efficacy in children and decide whether to recommend the immunizer for this age group.

If the recommendation is favorable, the authorization from the US health authority can be issued in a few days. This will enable the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to scale up covid-19 immunization to younger children for the first time. The US government has already prepared a plan to distribute Pfizer’s vaccine to 28 million people ages 5 to 11 in doctors’ offices, pharmacies and schools, if approved.

In Brazil, no study has yet been presented that indicates the application of the Pfizer vaccine in children aged 11 years or less. However, the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) authorized the application of the immunizing agent for people aged 12 and over in June, one month after the similar release made by the FDA.


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