Covid-19: national mask has 99% efficiency


The national company Elka, in collaboration with the technology startup Nanox, developed a mask with an efficiency of up to 99% against the new coronavirus. The announcement of the new model, called “Oto Mask”, was made at the beginning of the year and had its efficiency proven at the end of August, through tests by the University of São Paulo (USP).

Oto Mask is made of thermoplastic elastomer and has the presence of NanoxClean, an antimicrobial additive for polymers with proven effectiveness against the coronavirus. The silver-based compound deactivates the structure and metabolism of the virus’s lipoprotein membrane, which prevents its reproduction. The mask also has silica reinforcement and is sterilizable with soap and water due to its waterproof body.

To complement the protection, the equipment also has on its sides two filters from Fitesa – international company of nanowovens with hygienic application -, which have protection against dust, aerosols and microorganisms. Interchangeable filters can still be found in two varieties: SMS, indicated for daily use, and PFF2 (also known as N95), indicated only for health professionals and other risk areas.

With the effectiveness proven by the Institute of Biomedical Sciences at USP, Oto Mask is in accordance with ANVISA’s recommendations against covid-19 and is already on sale. On the company’s website, the mask is sold for R $ 39.99, while filter sets with 20 units vary between R $ 14.99 for SMS and R $ 19.99 for PFF2.

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