Covid-19 may reduce sexual pleasure, say researchers


Researchers at the University of Chicago say that covid-19 can affect patients’ sexual pleasure. The study, which came out this week, analyzed the sexual and olfactory lives of 2,000 elderly Americans (with an average age of 72 years). According to the results obtained, the less the ability to smell, the less “sexual motivation” and “emotional satisfaction with sex” they reported.

Although the audience analyzed has a more advanced age group, the researchers point out that the results were not affected by this, but by the fact that sexual relations are more pleasurable when they involve all the senses. “The sense of smell is closely linked to parts of the brain that play a large role in sexuality, especially in the areas involved in emotion and the pleasure of pleasure,” explains the study’s author, Jayant M. Pinto.

Smell and pleasure in other research

Interestingly, this is not the first study that relates smell to libido. In 2018, the Berlin Polytechnic School conducted a survey in which 30% of respondents stopped feeling pleasure after losing their olfactory capacity. In this case, the average age was 40 years.

Later, in 2019, a study supported by the United Kingdom’s National Health Service (NHS), indicated that “many participants described a profound effect on their relationships with other people as a result of their olfactory disorder. This ranges from not enjoying eating together to more intimate relationships, especially sex ”. The analysis included patients from 31 to 80 years of age.

Covid-19: loss of smell in young people

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Brazil has accumulated over 11 million cases and 86% of those contaminated have their olfactory capacity partially or totally compromised. About this, Dr. Jayant says: “We know that the loss of smell in younger people also causes a great burden in their lives. It is associated with depression, probably due to the main effects it has on how people with impaired sense of smell interact with the world. ”

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According to his studies, reductions in sensory input can indeed impact sexuality, even in younger people. “When studying post-covid smell loss, we will have to work hard to understand the consequences and work to mitigate and reverse them,” he adds.


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