Covid-19 may cause irreversible sequelae, study finds


As much as there is still a great unknown about the sequelae caused by the coronavirus, doctors and scientists unite to solve them. Among them are cardiologist Dr. Roberto Yano and Portuguese neuroscientist Fabiano de Abreu.

The two wrote a scientific article published by the International Journal of Development Research on the future problems caused by Covid-19.

Neurological sequelae

For the neuroscientist Fabiano Abreu, some problems can last the rest of his life, such as the loss of some senses. “Patients with Covid-19, even recovered, still suffer from the change in taste and smell, which can be irreversible. This is related to the damage caused, mainly, in the sensory, primary neurons”, stressed Abreu.

Fabiano also states that the disease can cause trauma to our cognitive capacity and is mainly concerned with the mental health of the population, who is experiencing a pandemic situation for the first time in their lives.

Cardiovascular problems

“With regard to the heart, it is irrefutable that, in the most severe cases of infection, there is a likelihood of cardiovascular sequelae, such as heart failure, infarction and stroke,” said cardiologist Dr. Roberto Yano.

According to a survey carried out by the Washington University of Medicine, in the United States, three out of ten infected with Covid-19 presented sequelae of the disease for nine months after recovery. Research has shown that the same happened with patients who had mild and moderate symptoms of the disease.


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