Covid-19: Madonna makes special observation in her bath


Covid-19: Madonna makes special observation in her bath. Even if the Covid-19 affects more and more people in the World, the singer Madonna still finds positive points!

On Instagram, singer Madonna shares a video while naked in her bath . She explains to her fans how the Covid-19 can be “wonderful”.

More than a billion people are confined because of the Covid-19 . In short, they are no longer allowed to leave their homes except in exceptional cases . And it annoys a lot of people!

Many users on social media complain about the situation. The reason ? They cannot see their family and friends. Their absence weighs more and more!

But this is not the case with Laeticia Hallyday ! Very close to her two daughters, Jade and Joy, the widow of Taulier takes advantage of the confinement to do the most activities with them and shares each moment on Instagram.

Besides, it’s not Kylie Jenner who can say the opposite. Travis Scott’s darling is trying to keep Stormi as busy as possible with pastry workshops!

The Covid-19 doesn’t bother Madonna either. The interpreter of “Like A Virgin” publishes a video, naked in her bath, in which she explains “what is wonderful” with confinement .

While enjoying a relaxing moment in her bath, Madonna wants to express herself on the Covid-19 . So she shares on Instagram. Against a background of music, she explains what she thinks of the situation .

“The thing with the Covid-19 is that she doesn’t care if you’re rich, if you’re famous , if you’re funny, smart, where you live, how old you are, if you tell great stories… ”

So Madonna doesn’t stop there! The 61-year-old singer sees the Coronavirus as “a great equalizer.” According to her, “what is terrible with the virus is what is wonderful at the same time. ”

“ The terrible thing is that it makes us all equal. And the wonderful thing is that it makes us all equal. (…) O n is all in the same vessel. And if the boat sinks, we all sink together, ”she recalls.

In any case, her fans do not know what to think! According to them, its staging is quite scary. But some of them seem to agree with her remark. And you what do you think ?

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