Covid-19: Leaving school affects young people!


The Covid-19 pandemic has greatly impacted young people. Indeed, they are dangerously inclined to drop out of school!

The Covid-19 pandemic has damaged the mental health of young people, leading to dropping out of school.

Indeed, this concerns all students. No matter his level. The primaries are distracted and fail to stay focused for long.

The Huffingtonpost explains that children no longer “own” their bodies. As proof, certain breathing or meditation exercises are sometimes impossible for them.

According to our colleagues, this is due to the mix of face-to-face and video lessons, in these times of Covid-19. This generates faster deconcentration and leads to unacknowledged learning. Or dropping out of school. This is a vicious cycle.

But beware ! For some children, homeschooling is a boon. We are talking about those with high potential, those who are victims of bullying at school or those very close to their parent.

As for college and high school students, they are not spared either. Indeed, this method of learning for a year does not encourage teens to be constant in their lessons and their homework.

Now they have several screens in front of them at the same time. Their concentration is dispersed. These challenges keep them from refocusing on themselves, others and what they have to do.

Social distancing and the curfew that prevent them from reuniting with their loved ones should also be mentioned. The social bond continues behind the screens, but it is different. All these reasons make it dangerous to continue their studies.

Sometimes parents cannot always perceive the unhappiness of their children. They may wonder if this is related to Covid-19, a teenage crisis or even a temporary lack of motivation.

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Covid-19: school dropout ends up affecting all young people!


College students are old enough to experience all the experiences life has to offer. So of course, they can feel frustration in these times of Covid-19.

In addition to very cramped accommodation and distant courtyards, there is this social loneliness. We can also add financial hardship for many of them. As a result, nothing keeps them back from the studies they have chosen. Like the youngest, it is also difficult for them to stay focused!

There is also the fear of exams, the lack of internships, Erasmus exchanges, prospects for a future professional and even personal life… Yes!

One would have imagined that the young people would get used to the new ways of teaching. But no. Quite the reverse. Ouch!

You will understand, it is urgent to put in place a national rescue plan. And this, for their financial, psychic and intellectual survival. We just have to hope that we will brave the Covid-19!


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