Covid-19: Learn How to Issue a Travel Vaccine Certificate


Covid-19: The platform of the Unified Health System (ConecteSUS) started to issue the vaccination certificate against covid-19 in English and Spanish, in addition to Portuguese. The initiative aims to make life easier for people who want to travel, especially to countries where immunization against the coronavirus is required.

Despite not yet having an international validation, as there is still no consensus among countries on the rules for immunization against the disease, the document can guarantee the entry of Brazilians in places that ask for proof of vaccination.

Vaccine requirement for travel

The United States, for example, allows the entry of travelers who have taken any of the vaccines of the Covax Facility consortium, such as CoronaVac, AstraZeneca, Janssen and Pfizer, which are applied in Brazil.

The European Union established its own digital certificate in July for citizens of its member countries, however, permission for travelers from outside the bloc varies by government. France and Ireland already accept the entry of Brazilians as long as they prove to be immunized.

How to issue the certificate

The vaccination certificate can only be issued after the completion of the immunization cycle, which, in most immunizing agents, consists of two doses. It is also necessary to include the registration and processing in the Ministry of Health’s systems, which can take up to ten days. After that, just follow these steps:

1. Download the ConnectSUS App, available for iOS and Android, or access the platform on the internet.

2. Log in with CPF and password previously registered.

3. Access the “vaccine” icon.

4. Access the administered doses option.

5. Access the certificate issuing button.

If everything is correct, in a few minutes, the National Certificate of Vaccination against covid-19 will be issued, with personal data such as name, date of birth, gender and CPF, as well as information on vaccine doses (date of application, responsible institution for the manufacture or import of the vaccine, name of the vaccine, description of the dose, batch and health establishment).

The certificate can be authenticated using a 16-digit code or QRCode, and is valid for 12 months. In case of error or doubt, the user must access the “Talk to ConnectSUS” menu on the platform itself.


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