Covid-19 kills more men than women, but why?


A study by scientists at Yale University, in the state of Connecticut (USA), indicated the main reason why covid-19 is more deadly for men than for women, especially for those of older age.

Before, it was thought that men are more vulnerable because they have more ACE2 receptors than women. It is through these receptors that the new coronavirus infects cells in the human body.

Now, it has been discovered that the answer to that question has to do with an immune system more or less prepared to deal with the disease.

How the survey was conducted

The study was carried out with 17 men and 22 women who were hospitalized shortly after being infected by the virus. The researchers collected and analyzed samples of various biological materials, between three and seven days, throughout the treatment, to compare the immune responses between the two sexes. It was also required that these patients did not need respirators or medications that would alter the functioning of their immune systems.

Other patients who did not meet these criteria were also included in the study, as long as they were all over 60 years old, as well as previous patients.

At the end of the experiment, the scientists concluded that women are better able to cope with covid-19 because their bodies produce more T-cells than men. These cells are the main agent that fights the coronavirus in the human immune system, and are extremely important, both to prevent reinfections and to prevent their evolution.

The study could also prove that the older the infected man is, the less chance he has of surviving covid-19, as, over time, men decrease the production of T-cells.

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Meanwhile, women continue to produce these cells for a long time after 60.

The study was unable to determine why there is such a difference in the production of T-cells between men and women, but it is supposed to have to do with the condition of motherhood.


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