Covid-19: Emmanuel takes on Macron’s challenge!


The President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron asked the YouTubers McFly and Carlito to inform about the barrier gestures of the Covid-19.

While the country is in full question in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic, the President of the Republic takes an unexpected decision. And McFly and Carlito will be there.

McFly and Carlito have been on YouTube for a few years now. And their success is only growing. With over 6.37 million subscribers to their credit, the duo have a very large community.

Known for their crazy videos, the duo do not hesitate to push their limits. And deliver exciting content to their fans. Videos that count in several million views.

The two friends even called on French stars to participate in their videos. Like Pierre Niney and David Guetta. But also international celebrities like Will Smith with whom they collaborated before the Covid-19 crisis.

That’s right, McFly and Carlito never cease to amaze his audience. But it was this Friday, February 19 that they announced an unprecedented news to say the least.

In a short 8-minute video, they explain having been contacted by the President of the Republic for a very specific reason. Emmanuel Macron has decided to challenge the youtubers.

Make a video on the importance of barrier gestures related to Covid-19. And if it reaches 10 million views then they can shoot a video of their choice at the Elysee Palace.

Covid-19: McFly and Carlito take up the great challenge of Emmanuel Macron!


Challenge accepted. McFly and Carlito therefore posted their video 2 days later. A clip in the form of a ballad with the title “I remember”.

In the tone of humor, they therefore invite Internet users to apply barrier gestures properly. To be able to find life before the Covid-19.

This song is also available on all music streaming platforms. But that’s not all. The YouTubers have made a commitment. Return all the money collected to help disadvantaged students.

The video quickly caused a sensation on the Web. And indeed, she quickly achieved her goal. This Tuesday evening, or 2 days after it was put online.

Good news for fans who are just waiting for one thing now. Watch the President of the Republic face off against McFly and Carlito’s anecdotes contest.

Besides, this is not the first time that Emmanuel Macron has contacted McFly and Carlito. Indeed, during the Covid-19 crisis, the duo expressed their generosity.

By broadcasting a live on social media to raise money. And then donated to hospitals in need. The president even left a comment below the video to thank them.

All that remains is to wait for the said video on the two friends’ YouTube channel. And thus discover what Emmanuel Macron will be able to tell.


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